The Sapphire Pegasus Award trophies will be presented to the winners on May 29, the first day of EBACE in Room #1 of the conference area moderatored is Richard Birtchnell.

This year, we had another significant increase in number of nominations and online votes from 28.633 to 59.495, which clearly indicates that the interest in recognizing professionals for their outstanding performances is appreciated and more than justified,” commented Antonia Lukacinova, founder of Sapphire Pegasus Awards.

It is not only encouragement to enhance our program, but it will also be expanded to the Western Hemisphere where on the Bahamas on June 12, we will present additional Awards for excellence in professionalism in that region.”

Nominations were made online and the nomination procedure for the Sapphire Pegasus Award was completely open; anyone could have nominated a company or individual of which they feel that recognition and honoring was appropriate. The Advisory Board that is currently independently reviewing the nominations is comprised of a team of distinguished industry professionals and journalists. This panel of judges will have the final word on the selection of the award winners.